SUPA Profile

SUPA is an Artificial Intelligence sensor platform, connecting biometric sensors in apparel and environmental sensors to create 'body' experiences.

SUPA is a consumer facing APP that integrates data from any biometric and environmental sensor: SUPA sensors in apparel, IoT devices like the Apple Watch or any APP.

Our SUPA Powers are experienced by the health and body conscious, extreme sports passionate, fashion lovers. SUPA Powers are sporty like RUN LIKE FLASH, use garments as game controllers for a VR dance battle, make sure your heart does not get broken with DAILY HEART WEAR or we translate an obstacle run into a SUPA Power.

SUPA curates the applicable data sources. SUPA creates experiences that reside on the APP and live on after an initial activation at an event. Users choose the SUPA Powers they want to use. SUPA works with sports, media, food, beauty...

SUPA believes that if there is surf, we surf. If there are freshies, you'll find us in the backcountry. If we're stuck in the city, we run up the stairs in the subway. If we need to get shit done. We get it done. Oh, and we sleep a lot. It's regenerating. We do not believe in health conditions. You have asthma, you know your breathing rate better than anybody else. You have a knee replacement, you are bionic. We call those SUPA powers.

SUPA believes that to be a SUPA hero, you have to do some good. So everything we make does some, too.


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